The SU Archives

The Archives of the University of Stellenbosch consist of collections of official documents, letters and photographs that reflect the history of the University.

The mission of the University Archives (US Archives) is to collect, to preserve and to make available all documents and photographic material relevant to the day to day affairs of the University of Stellenbosch and its predecessors, Victoria College and Stellenbosch College. As the University is an integral part of the local community, the Archives also aim to be of service to the community at large; not only alumni. This service is addition to the services provided by the Special Collections section of the JS Gericke Library, the University Museum and the Stellenbosch Foundation.

The main holdings of the University Archives consist of all official documents such as minutes of meetings of Senate and Council. The oldest document dates back to 1864 (Minutes of the Stellenbosch Gymnasium) and is succeeded by a nearly complete set of minutes of meetings and financial records that records the history of higher education at Stellenbosch; Stellenbosch Gymnasium, Stellenbosch College, Victoria College - and since 1918 - the University of Stellenbosch.

From time to time, non-active documents are transferred from the section Post and Filing and added to the holdings of the University Archives.

The more than 30 000 glass negatives from the Watson-Lockley Photographic Collection, portray life at Stellenbosch from the late 19th century until 1966. The collection is further enlarged by photographs donated by alumni and residents of the town.

The University Archives resides under the section Academic Administration.

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