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Programme Nagraadse Programme

    MA/MSc (Sielkunde)     
    MA/MSc (Kliniese Sielkunde en Gemeenskapsvoorligting)     






Thank you for considering Stellenbosch University for your professional training in Clinical Psychology and Community Counselling. Stellenbosch University is committed to offering professional training in psychology that will equip graduates to confront the challenges and diverse issues presented by the South African Mental Health context. We invite applications from candidates with a strong academic record, a proven commitment to community involvement and empowerment through psychological interventions, and a reflexive approach to their own development and functioning.

Although we train both Counselling and Clinical Psychologists, in 2016 we will only offer training to individuals who would intend to register with the Health Professionals Council as Clinical Psychologists.


A maximum of ten students will be invited to participate in our programme in 2016. This means that the selection process is highly competitive and that applicants inevitably experience the process as extremely stressful. Although it is impossible to remove the stressfulness from the selection experience, we have committed ourselves to a process that we consider to be thorough and sensitive, yet fair and transparent. We also do encourage you to use the selection process as an opportunity to get to know more about our programme.


2016 Applications open on 4 May 2015

Selection week: 11 - 14 August 2015

Open Day: 12 May 2015 - 17:00


Please note:

Mrs Hartzenberg won't be available from Monday - Friday 1 - 5 June 2015.

All e-mails and registration requests will be dealth with on her return to the office on Monday 8 June 2015


All updated information on the process and application documentation will be available then.


We use an online application procedure. Should you wish to submit an application, please read through the application instructions for more details on the process.


Last date for registration online application:  Friday, 29 June 2015, 12:00

(please read through the Application Instructions for more details about the process.)

Closing date for online applications:  30 June 2015, 12:00



The following links will guide you through the selection process:


Time-line for selection

Application instructions

Referee report form

Suggestions to prospective applicants about the selection criteria

Directions to Welgevallen House


If you have any further queries about the selection process you can e-mail or call Ms. Ursula Harzenberg at uhartzen@sun.ac.za or 021-808 3459.


We look forward to receiving your applications and trust that the selection process will be a meaningful endeavour for you.




Dr. Jason Bantjes

Selection Co-ordinator: MA Programme (Clinical Psychology and Community Counselling






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