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Prof Christo van der Merwe

MA Semitic Languages, MTh Old Testament, MPhil in Technology-Enhanced Language Teaching, DLitt Semitic Languages (Stellenbosch)

Associate Professor

Lecturing specialisation:
Biblical Hebrew, Bible Translation and Exegesis of the Old Testament

Research specialisation:
Theory of Bible translation, Bible translation as intercultural communication, cognitive linguistics, Biblical Hebrew lexical semantics, Biblical Hebrew structural markers, analysis of the information structure of Biblical Hebrew texts, the Bible as hypertext

Service delivery:
Within the university: director of the Centre for Bible Interpretation and Translation in Africa
Other: co-editor of the Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages; member of the editorial board of Bible Translator; member of editorial board of the Semantic Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew; member of the Church Advisory Committee (Die Bybel in Afrikaans); member of the General Commission for Bible Translation, Interpretation and Distribution of the Dutch Reformed Church; member of the executive committee of the new Bible in Afrikaans; member of of Committee for Translation Policy of the United Bible Societies

Selected publications:

Curriculum Vitae in PDF format
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