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Staff » Awie Greeff
Prof Awie GreeffProf Awie Greeff

Qualification          PhD (Stell)


Post: Professor


Lecturing specialization:

Family Psychology

Solution-focused Brief Therapy


Research specialization:

Family Psychology

Family resilience


Current research projects:

1 Family resilience in different study populations

2 The exploration of specific family resilience qualities

3 The development and evaluation of family resilience intervention programmes


Service delivery:

Co-ordinator of Honours Programme

Vice-chair of the AAK (Faculty of Arts)


Selected publications:

Greeff, A.P. & Uys, H. (1996). Behoeftes en verwagtinge ten opsgte van Huweliksvoorbereidingsprogramme. Die Maatskaplikewerk-Navorser-Praktisyn, 9(2), 128-136.

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Greeff, A.P. & Le Roux, M.C. (1999). Parents’ and adolescents' perceptions of a strong family. Psychological Reports, 84, 1219-1224.

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Greeff, A.P., & Loubser, K. (2008). Spirituality as a resiliency quality in Xhosa-speaking families in South Africa. Journal of Religion and Health, 47(3), 288-301.

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Greeff, A.P., & Du Toit, C. (2009). Resilience in remarried families. The American Journal of Family Therapy, 37(2), 114-126.


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