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Calendar: Seminars, workshops, short courses and events

06 Mar:  Political Science seminar @ 12h15 (648)
09 Mar:  Discourse analysis course starts @ 9 (403)
09 Mar:  Psychology seminar @ 13h00 (Wilcocks)
10 Mar:  History seminar @ 13h00 (Wilcocks)
10 Mar:  STIAS Lecture Series @ 13h00 (opp Wilcocks)
11 Mar:  Women, war and peace seminar @ 13h00 (401)
12 Mar:  English seminar @ 12h00 (579)
12 Mar:  Sociology&Anthropology seminar @ 13h00 (401)
13 Mar:  Political Science seminar @ 12h15 (648)

9-13 Mar: SHORT COURSE: Discourse analysis
25-26 Mar: WORKSHOP: Creating your dissertation
30 Mar-2 Apr: SHORT COURSE: Scientific writing skills

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The Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences is proud to welcome the 2015 cohort of doctoral scholarship holders to the Stellenbosch campus. A total of 25 scholarships have been awarded in 2015 to scholars from 9 sub-Saharan African countries and across 13 of the Faculty's 18 departments. Of these 25 doctoral students, 52% are female and 36% are South African scholars.

The Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences was established as a HOPE Project initiative to strengthen and advance doctoral training and scholarship on the African continent by: (1) offering partially structured doctoral programmes in the arts, humanities and social sciences; (2) addressing problems relevant to Africa's development in multi-disciplinary research themes (with a specific focus on the international development themes); (3) making available three-year, full-time, residential scholarships; (4) providing broad-based research and scholarship support through weekly seminars, workshops, colloquia and short courses; and (5) enhancing academic collaboration and mobility in partnership with leading African universities through the Partnership for Africa's Next Generation of Academics (PANGeA).

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