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Process Engineering includes two main disciplines:

Chemical Engineering 


Mineral Processing 

As engineers, we play pivotal roles in the chemical processes used to convert raw materials into valuable products, as well as optimising the processes used to extract minerals from the ore in which it is found.  By using our science and engineering theory, we are able to develop various industrial manufacturing processes and to make them more efficient.  In this way, we contribute to the development of globally competitive industries in South Africa.  For a more in-depth look at chemical and process engineering, read more here.

At the Department of Process Engineering at Stellenbosch University, we offer excellent teaching facilities to help you realise your dreams of becoming a chemical engineer.  We also offer the expertise and experience of our highly qualified academic staff to collaborate with industry, undertaking research that is beneficial to society in terms of increased output, more effective systems and processes, as well as being more environmentally responsible.  To current students, join our postgraduate team in this highly dynamic field with many exciting challenges and a diverse range of opportunities. 

We're proud of our high standards of education: Our four year BEng programme is accredited by ECSA, the Engineering Council of South Africa, which entitles graduates of this course to register as professional engineers, after the initial engineer-in-training period. As ECSA is also a signatory to the Washington Accord, our BEng degree is recognised by all signatory countries of the Accord, namely Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.  

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Masterminding Processes!




Lidia Auret wins coveted Chancellor's Medal

Dr Lidia Auret of our Department won the prestigious Chancellor's Award at the December 2010 graduation ceremony. After completing her Master's studies in 2 years, her degree was upgraded to a PhD which she completed during the following year - all by the age of 25. Her promoter was Prof Chris Aldrich, and the title of her studies was "Process Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis using Random Forests". The average over 4 years for her undergraduate studies was 87.8%. To continue with her post-doctoral studies, she has received a fellowship from the Claude Leon Foundation.

Stellenbosch hosts 3rd Intervarsity Beer Brewing Competition

The Department of Process Engineering hosted the 3rd annual intervarsity brewing competition sponsored by SAB, FoodBev Seta and the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD). The event was a great success and the University of Pretoria won with the best beer. Stellenbosch University's team managed to get a third place in the speciality category with their Honey Pils.

Team members (from left to right): Nardus Uys (1st year Process Engineering), Leonardo Erazo (MSc Wine Technology), Eben Uys (PhD Process Engineering), Antoine Mfa Mezui (PhD Microbiology) and Reinhardt Barnard (1st year Process Engineering). 

SA Women Engineering (SAWomEng) conference 2010

The 5-day SAWomEng conference is a flagship event that brings the top female engineering students from around South Africa together to tackle social and engineering problems by finding engineering solutions. It provides a forum where students, sponsors, academics, government and industry can come together to share their knowledge, passion and experience in the field of engineering. It also motivates engineering as a highly desirable career aspiration for women and aims to empower women to succeed and advance in this field. This year 3 students from our department were chosen as delegates: Analene Beyers, Nadia Church and Megan Van Ster.



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