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Institutional Level

The Division of Radiology established a low-cost DIY PACS system in Jan 2006.  The findings were presented at the ISR 2006 congress as well as the Faculty's Annual Academic Day 2006.

During the 2007 more funding became available and we increased the number of workstations as well as our digital archiving capacity.  We purchased a PACS server : PACSOne and we purchased an paper printing solution: Aycan.

All new modalities pruchased must be PACS integrable, not just DICOM compliant.  We are using the IHE guideline to assist us.

We are using Google Desktop to search our collection of typed reports

For the 2008/09 funding has been allocated to purchase an Enterprise-wide integrated HIS-RIS-PACS-Equipment solution for Tygerberg Hospital.  Below you can see the time-frame, digital workflow and mindmap of the implementation project.  Clive Daniell is assisting us in this process.

Mind Map : PACS / RIS Implementation TBH
Gantt Chart : PACS RIS Implementation TBH
Digital Workflow


Provincial Level

Subsequent to illustrating the benefits of this system, the Provincial Health Top Management at its meeting on 5 September 2006 decided in principle to change to a digital image management system, commonly referred to as PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), with the associated conversion to digital image generation.

Following this decision the DMIMTC (Digital Medical Imaging & Management Technical Committee) was established to create a policy statement for the Province and draft a strategic plan to facilitate the transition and provide a time-frame from where we are now (the current) to where we want to be (our envisaged future).  This committee is being led by Dr Otto Schulze, a member of this department.

The central hospitals within the Western Cape will purchase a PACS / RIS solution within the 2008/2009 financial year.  In the mean time the division is expanding their DIY PACS into mini-PACS.

As part of the activities of the committee, some of the members recently attended the SIIM 2007 congress in Providence, RI and visited several hospitals with a PACS / RIS solution.

Provincial Vision


Articles Published
Talking PACS: Part 1 - What is PACS
Talking PACS: Part 2 - Why should we change to PACS


1st Hospital meeting - 11/03/2008
TBH Radiographers Nov 2007
Hospital Managers Nov 2007
Western Cape Radiographers Dec 2007
Academic Year Day 2006 Presentation
Original Top Management Meeting (TMM) presentation


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