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Division of Pharmacology

The Division is part of the Department of Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of Stellenbosch University, Tygerberg Campus. Our Toxicology laboratory provides a 24-hour therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) and toxicology analytical service to Tygerberg Academic Hospital as well as to other hospitals in the Cape Peninsula. The Tygerberg Poison Information Centre ( offers a 24-hour Toxicology/Pharmacology consultation service nationally as well as to other countries beyond the borders of the RSA. Undergraduate teaching, involving medical students is integrated into practical, clinically orientated curricula. Contributions to the integrated courses are made at all levels, from the first up to the final year of study. Our BSc Honours course is structured to allow students active participation in research programmes in the Division. Concurrently a series of lectures and discussions cover current aspects of clinical pharmacology and molecular pharmacology/biology. The full time MSc programme consists of an entirely research-based project. The PhD course also is a full-time and entirely research-based programme.

Head: Prof Bernd Rosenkranz, MD, PhD, FFPM.
Tel: +27 21 938 9331
Fax: +27 21 932 6958

Contact Details:
Secretary: Ms Lejandra Hanekom
Tel:  021 938 9045
Fax:  021 932 6958
Physical Address:  Division of Pharmacology, Clinical Building, 7th Floor, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences
Postal Address:  P O Box 19063, Tygerberg, 7505

Other personnel:

  • Prof JM van Zyl - Senior Lecturer / Researcher -
  • Vacant Medical Specialist Clinical Pharmacology
  • Dr HI Seifart - Senior Specialist Scientist -
  • Ms CJ Marks Director, Tygerberg Poison Information Centre -
  • CA Wium - Principal Medical Scientist -
  • Vacant - Researcher
  • Our Poison Information Centre is assisted by a group of Consultant Specialist Clinical Toxicologists
  • Our Toxicology laboratory consists of a team of six Medical Technologists and is supervised by the Assistant Director Medical Technology, Mr JH de Bruyn
  • The division supports a group of postgraduate students (BSc Honours, MSc, PhD, Postgraduate Diploma Pharmaceutical Medicine)

Special Interests / Research Projects

  • Clinical pharmacology of HIV and TB drugs
  • Paediatric clinical studies
  • Diffusion kinetics of drugs across epithelial and mucosal cell layers
  • Synthesis and activity testing of new HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitors
  • Biological toxicology of natural poisons and drugs
  • Pharmacometrics, including population pharmacokinetics of drugs
  • Pharmaceutical Medicine

Pharmacology / Toxicology Laboratory
Poison Information Centre

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